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I am SO in love with… garage???

We moved into our new place about a month ago now, and it’s nothing less than AWESOME. Keep in mind that I’m coming from a tiny third floor apartment, so moving into a house is quite an upgrade. It was built in the 50’s, but it was completely renovated on the inside, so everything is new, and sparkling clean, and all the appliances are functional. Oh, and we have a GAS stove, which is thrilling for someone who likes to cook, especially after years of crappy electric stoves. Oh, and now when we get groceries we can simply carried them 10 feet to the door instead of making four or five trips up and down all those freaking stairs. It pretty much rules.

Among the other things that I’m super stoked on is that we have a garage now.  Joy. A place for Christmas decorations and tools and empty boxes, and all the stuff that you want and need to have, but don’t necessarily want in the middle of your living room. The garage has a storage room where all that stuff went, which means the rest of the garage is empty.

For my car? I think not.

I probably WILL park there in the winter when it’s freezing cold, but since it’s just now turning to spring that’s a long way off. No…I shall do no such thing as boring as PARK in my garage.

(and this brilliant idea came from my boyfriend, who actually suggested it not at ALL expecting me to go along with it)


I actually LOVE this idea. The space is roomier than I could possibly need, I have an old kitchen supply rack that I bought at Target back in the day when my kitchen had no cabinet space and I needed a place to put things, which is PERFECT for art supplies. Cases full of markers, pencils, pastels, etc on the bottom. Scissors and rolls of tape hanging from the hooks. Cans of spray paint and spray mount and fixative and jars of brushes and bottles of gesso and all that fun stuff on top. And of course, my easel right next to it. I put everything together on Sunday afternoon, and honestly, it makes me happy just to go out there and look at it. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do screen printing forever, and now that I have a space to do it I got a kit for my birthday.

I can be messy. I can spread out. I love seeing all of my supplies consolidated in their own space. I’ve had them in drawers, on bookcases, inside closets, but never everything out in the open where I can see it all at once. It makes me remember how much cool stuff I have, and even better, it makes me want to dig in and USE it.

We got new couch for our living room, so we dragged the old couch into the garage. Another win. Cha-CHING! I have big plans. I want to hang up some stuff, like a bulletin board to post all of my references and sketches. Another cabinet to hold some more misc supplies. A dock and speakers for my ipod so I can play music out there. And when it’s nice out, I can open up the garage door and paint “outside.” The potential is ridiculous.

To quote Ren and Stimpy…..

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!


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…like a psychedelic Cat in the Hat

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss
Ever since I was in preschool I’ve been a huge fan of Dr Seuss. To this day I can recite “If I Ran the Zoo” word for word, in its entirety. In my freshman year English class when we had to give a speech about an author, I chose Dr Seuss. It was actually pretty fascinating research, learning how he wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a bet (that he couldn’t write a book using fifty words or less), and how The Butter Battle Book was a nod to the nuclear arms race. You never picked up on it as a child, but he actually touched on some pretty heavy subjects. Yrtle the turtle a reference to Nazi Germany? Yup…really.
For my birthday eight-ish years ago my mom got me a book called “The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.” Its page after page of brightly colored watercolors that he did, just for fun. It’s actually kind of strange, because the style is definitely Seuss like, you recognize that right away, but its hard to get used to all the bright vibrant colors. Most of the illustrations in his books used two, maybe three colors to help the publisher save on printing costs. What you get in this book feels like Seuss to the tenth power. Its colorful, and silly and weird and everything I love. You really need to check it out.

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