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One of my favorite artists you’ve never heard of (because I hadn’t either)

I love school. I especially loved Art History.

Friends and family have called me out for saying this. They point out that from the middle to the end of any given semester, I’m a sleep deprived, caffeine guzzling, short-tempered, bleary eyed, twitching, stressing, crying, whacked out bitch. To this I retort, very matter of factly, that it’s not SCHOOL that’s the problem. It’s the combination of school on top of working full-time, on top of being a mom, on top of the stresses of everyday life. It’s the lack of hours in the day that’s the problem, not school itself. In fact, if school was the only thing I had to worry about, it wouldn’t be stressful at all.

Getting back to my point, I LOVE art, and I’ve actually taken four different Art History classes. All the paper writing we did meant a lot of research into artists, paintings or cultures that I never knew much about before. I wrote about everything from ancient megalithic statues, to the Christian catacombs of Rome, to the graffiti art movement of the 1980’s. My favorite discovery from writing these papers was the artwork of Remedios Varo, a Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter. Most people have never heard of her, although almost everyone has heard of the surrealist Salvador Dali who painted around the same time period. Although I love the weirdness of Dali, I like Varo’s work even better. She blends elements from astronomy, alchemy, geometry, metaphysics, medieval architecture, machinery and music into paintings that are magical, otherworldly, and mystical. Her work is beautiful, solemn, and feels like something from a dream. Within seconds of discovering she existed, she instantly became one of my favorite artists.


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bleary eyed and confused (or why StumbleUpon = digital crack)

I think I have an unhealthy addiction to StumbleUpon. I’ve lost hundreds of hours of my life to it. For someone like me who gets very easily sidetracked on the InterWebz, it’s a very very dangerous time-suck. It’s never good when you start messing around on the computer shortly after the kids go to bed, get sucked in, and all of a sudden it’s 4:15am, you have to get up for work in 2 hours, your brain is crammed full of amazing images, and you’re not really sure where all that time just went.


StumbleUpon, if you have no idea what it is, is  personalized search engine. It introduces you to random sites across the web that other people have marked as interesting. Based on whether you like the site, you either give it a thumbs up on thumbs down (or if you’re feeling neutral, do nothing at all). When you’re sick of looking at the site you’re on, click the “stumble” botton, and another interesting site pops up. The more you “stumble” and use those little thumbs up or thumbs down icons, the more personalized your recommendations get. Once you sign up for an account and have your preferences saved the experience gets even better, because it knows your likes and dislikes right away.

StumbleUpon breaks down the websites of the world into a ton of categories, and you can go through the list and choose the ones that you find the most interesting. My categories contain everything from Punk Rock to Ancient History to Photography to Art to Cooking. You can even go through your categories to find which ones you have “liked” the most times, or choose to stumble only one particular . Wake up one day thinking that you only want to check out sites about modern architecture? You can do that.

If you consider yourself a creative type, this site is nothing less than awesome. I’ve discovered so many cool artists and works of art on here, and if you’re trying to kick-start your creativity, this is a great way to do it. When I need a jolt of inspiration I love going back through my Favorites list, and usually rediscover something that makes me want to go running for my sketch pad and just CREATE.

Today I stumbled across Threyda.com. There is some absolutely gorgeous work in there. I was completely captivated by the work of two of the artists – Peter Westermann and Peter Rodulfo. It’s everything I love…saturated colors, intricate patterns, repeating geometric shapes… it’s the kind of art that makes me want to dive through the canvas and just immerse myself in it. I want to plaster the walls of my house with it.

PLEASE…check them out. 

Peter Westermann - Mandala Blue

Peter Rudolfo -Hight Tide and Green Octopi

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